New Enterprise Features: Video Captions and Transcriptions

A new enterprise is a newly organised business entity that is not yet in commercial operation or does not have a foot in the market. Traditionally, getting a new enterprise off the ground was hard. However, in the current digital era, there are many features you can use to help you get a new enterprise off the ground faster and more easily. Video captions and transcriptions are among the most useful features for new enterprises. This is because they offer numerous benefits. However, before discussing these benefits, it would be wise to look at the definitions of video captions and transcriptions. private message

What are video captions?

Video captions are the texts you see at the bottom of your screen when watching a video. They are usually displayed in various languages, depending on the viewer. Additionally, their purpose is to help audiences understand the content in the video better. Also, there are different types of video captions; closed, burned-in, and open video captions. 

Burned-in captions are those that are rendered into the original video’s picture. On the other hand, open captions are basic subtitles that you can colorize to make them stand out from the rest of the video. Finally, closed captions are those that are not automatically visible. Instead, it would be best to turn them on or off when needed. 

What are video transcriptions?

Many people confuse transcriptions for video captions or use these terms interchangeably. However, while they are related, they do not have the same meaning. Video transcriptions are text representations of any spoken or sound content within a video. The text representations usually appear in written format under the video. Depending on your preference, you can generate video transcriptions using computer programs or by hand. 

How do new enterprises benefit from video captions and transcriptions

Video captions and transcriptions are must-have features for new enterprises. This is because of the following benefits:

They are great for SEO

New enterprises use the internet to introduce their business to clients and gain clients in the current digital era. However, posting blog content or launching a website is not enough. Instead, you must also ensure that your website is visible to internet users. The best way to do this is through Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a set of practices that help your page rank higher on search engine results. It includes practices like using specific keywords and improving your website’s (UX) user experience. Transcriptions and video captions are great for SEO because they allow you to optimize your video content. Search engines do not include optimization techniques for video and audio content. Therefore, adding captions and transcriptions to video and audio content will allow SEO, which will help your website rank higher. 

They are great marketing tools for new enterprises

New enterprises also use video captions and transcriptions as marketing tools. These features are especially great in video marketing for the following reasons:

• They ensure that viewers understand the message in your video content, especially if the video includes music and dialog between characters that may hinder hearing precision. 
• They help people with hearing impairment understand the content in your videos without captions. 
• They increase your audience. For instance, even people who do not speak the language spoken in your video can listen to it by using translated captions or transcriptions. 

They help new enterprises save money

Launching and running a new enterprise can be expensive, especially before you start earning profits. Therefore, new enterprises welcome all ideas that can help them save some money. Video captions and transcriptions help new enterprises save money by allowing them to repurpose video content. Therefore, new companies can repurpose their video content instead of paying for different marketing content for blogs, social media and other channels. 


Creating video transcriptions and captions is more work than most people assume. So, many use computer programs to generate them. However, computer programs do not produce accurate transcriptions because they do not understand elements like context and tone. So, the key is to get an enterprise transcription service to help create your video captions and transcriptions. An enterprise transcription service will ensure to create quality and accurate transcriptions and captions for your videos so you can achieve the maximum benefits

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