The spectacular Suzuka International Racing Course

The Suzuka International Racing Course, commonly known as Suzuka Circuit, is a renowned motorsport venue located in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, Japan. The best online betting is on 1xBet, which also allows you to wager on all events that are held at this track.

Since its opening in 1962, the circuit has become one of the most iconic and challenging tracks in the world, hosting various motorsport events, such as:

  • Formula 1;
  • MotoGP;
  • and Super GT races.

The Suzuka Circuit is a figure-eight circuit, meaning that it features a unique design where the track crosses over itself, creating a challenging and exciting layout. For this reason, making online betting on 1xBet on races held here is even more exciting. The track stretches over 5.8 kilometers and consists of fast straights, flowing corners, and technical sections, offering a balanced mix of high-speed sections and demanding turns.

Incredible features

Suzuka Circuit is renowned for its legendary corners, which have become iconic in motorsport. The website features live wagers on all events held here.

The most famous of these is the “130R”, a high-speed, double-apex corner that requires exceptional bravery and precision. Other notable corners include the “S Curves”, “Dunlop Curve”, and the challenging “Spoon Curve”, which tests the drivers’ car control skills and provides thrilling overtaking opportunities. Make sure to visit 1xBet in order to wager on how drivers will deal with these features.

History and relevance for Formula 1 and MotoGP

Suzuka Circuit was designed by Dutch engineer John Hugenholtz and was constructed as a Honda test track. It opened in 1962 and hosted its first Formula 1 Grand Prix in 1987. Over the years, the circuit has become a favorite among drivers and fans due to its unique layout and demanding nature, providing exhilarating races and memorable moments. You can 1xBet app download now if you want to wager on all events held at this great place

The track is best known for hosting the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix. The race has been held at the circuit since 1987, with occasional exceptions due to the rotation of race venues. The Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka has witnessed many historic moments, including championship-deciding races and intense battles among legendary drivers. Make sure to download the 1xBet app now to wager on other Formula 1 events too.

Besides Formula 1, Suzuka Circuit is a significant venue for motorcycle racing. It has been a regular host of the prestigious MotoGP Japanese Grand Prix and has also held endurance motorcycle races such as the Suzuka 8 Hours. This event attracts top teams and riders from around the world.


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