Tips to Shift to Bangalore as a Fresher

Shifting to a new city takes a lot of physical and financial effort. Moreover, it would help if you also thought about the changing lifestyle and focused on the task you are about to undertake in a new city.

Bangalore has always been a costly city, mainly because of the current high living standards. It has become a popular place for students and freshers to kick-start their careers. If you want to shift to Bangalore, you must take care of certain things to save your income, even in a costly city.

How to Save Money as a Student in Bangalore?

It would help if you were strategic to live in Bangalore for at least 5 to 6 years. It will significantly impact your finances and make sure you can save big no matter how complex the situation is.

Simple things like cooking for yourself and looking for cheap places greatly help you in this case. You must know things and focus on the local lifestyle to adjust accordingly. Here are some essential tips that can help you settle in Bangalore as a fresher

Share an apartment: Freshers in Bangalore often rent an apartment themselves. This is a mistake because a lot of your income goes into the rent of the apartment that you choose. If you can share an apartment with one or two roommates, you will save big and stay comfortable.
Shift closer to your workplace or college: The traffic in Bangalore is infamous for causing regular trouble. You first need to look for a place closer to your work or college to reach the place by walking or using public transport quickly.
Rent things: As a fresher, buying every item you require regularly is impossible. You need to rent furniture in Bangalore and choose other items that you require. It will not only help you save big but also enable you to shift quickly.
Buy online: Online apps often provide significant discounts on prices, and it is the only way by which you can save money in Bangalore. Buy groceries and other items online for significant discounts. Take TV on rent and other essential things like refrigerator and induction for daily use.
Take public transport: Utilizing public transport can help you save much money in Bangalore. As a fresher, taking regular cabs is impossible, so ensure you have a clear idea about the public transportation facilities.


Most people fear that Bangalore is a costly city, so there will be no savings for them. However, when shifting to a new city, you should focus on the local lifestyle so that things become cheaper and easier to adjust.

It would help if you settled yourself to make favourable changes in your life according to the prevalent lifestyle in Bangalore. Whether a student or a fresher, you can save big if you follow the steps mentioned above. Very soon, you can come up with many savings for a bright future.

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