What are the Best Career Options or Courses After 12th PCB for Students?

One of the essential phases in every student’s life is class 12th. It is the most critical stage that can either make or break their future. Amidst the career options after class 12th, selecting the stream is the most vital one, which shapes the future and initiates a career. Every stream has its own significance and opens a wide door of opportunities after passing 12th. If you have opted for science stream, then you must be worried about the best courses after the 12th PCB? Let us help you, so that you can plan your future seamlessly and accordingly.  

It is imperative to observe all the options before zeroing in on any one. Parents often present various choices in front of the kids based on their interests and the courses they have experienced in adulthood. But today, the world has completely changed, and the demand in the market is constantly changing. This, in turn, gives birth to and opens various career paths for students.  

This blog post will guide the students on the best courses after the 12th PCB and their importance. Read on further to know more.  

What is PCB?

PCB stands for Physics, Chemistry and Biology and is chosen by the students of Science stream. Students who have opted for PCB thinking that becoming a doctor or engineer is the only option after passing, then you’re mistaken. Some of the popular career courses after 12th PCB science include medicine, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Nursing, agricultural and dairy science, nutrition, diabetes, optometry etc. In addition, the students who have opted for Mathematics along with PCB can either go for engineering or medical career.  

Significance of PCB Stream in Class 12th

With the market ever-changing, new job opportunities are opening up every year in both the private and government sectors. To be ahead of the curve, it’s important to research these changes and begin preparing early on so you can graduate with the best possible chance of landing a great job. Courses after 12th PCB will help equip students with the skills they need to succeed in their careers with flying colors after class 12th.  

You can undergo self-research to determine courses after the 12th PCB in order to land high-paying jobs. Thus, it is very natural and obvious to select the best PCB courses that can shape your future in the long run and make you feel satisfied with a high-paying job.   

How to Select the Best Courses after Class 12th PCB?  

Here are the following steps that may help you in determining the best courses after class 12th PCB to get into the best career path: –

#Step 1– Talk to your teachers or mentors that know your interests and academic level of excellence very well. They will help you in determining the best course for you after class 12th PCB.  

#Step 2- There are many schools that organize career counseling seminars and workshops on campus. Make a note and attend to them as they offer trending information, which is helpful and free of cost too.  

#Step 3- Then, you also research the courses after the 12th PCB that suits your interests and provide high-paying career options after completion.  

#Step 4- After making the list of courses, note down the universities that excite you in the particular field.  

#Step 5- Note down their university eligibility criterion, entrance exams, cut-off scores, and a top recruiter from the universities that you like.  

#Step 6-If you are inspired by the top professional field, then connect with him or her through social media. Write to them about their interests and aspirations and ask for guidance. Don’t hesitate in consultations as people like helping young talent who want to be the best in their field.  

#Step 7- Look for stable and relevant career options and make sure the field stays trending and relevant at the time you graduate from the university.  

#Step 8- You can meet the people who are recently in employment to learn about the challenges faced in pursuing the profession.  

#Step 9- Discuss the fee structure and the other charges, such as hostel and mess, that would be incurred in pursuing the course after 12th PCB with your parents.  

#Step 10- Compile the data and keep it ready for reference.  

Here is the Comprehensive List of Courses after 12th PCB

1. MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)-  

It is the undergraduate program or course after the 12th PCB that wants to pursue a career as a doctor. The academic curriculum of MBBS includes anatomy, pathology, community health and medicine.  

2. BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)

It is one of the most demanding careers in the medical field and also one of the undergraduate degree courses after the 12th PCB. It includes all Ayurveda and Vedic sciences. And also teaches modern and traditional medicines and techniques of surgery.  

3. BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery)

It is the course after the 12th PCB who are interested in homoeopathy medicines. After completion, the students are able to start their careers and become licensed homoeopathy doctors who have practical knowledge in the field.  

4. B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science)

It is one of the standard courses that students wish to pursue after class 12th. It is a three-year undergraduate course and the specialization provided includes Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Biochemistry etc.  

5. BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)

It is yet another popular course after the 12th PCB for students who are interested in pursuing their careers in the medical field. This course will allow you to become a dentist and will learn about small dental surgeries and oral treatments of the mouth.  

6. B.Pharmacy (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

In this 4-year undergraduate course, after the 12th PCB, the students will get to learn about the concepts associated with medicinal chemistry, drug safety, medical plants, drug usage etc.  

7. Forensic Sciences

This is one of the most interesting and demanding career courses after the 12th PCB. Here, the students will get to learn about the implementation of scientific knowledge in the investigation of crime scenes in Forensic sciences. The course duration is four years.  

The Final Takeaway

Choosing the right career option is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success. If you’re already interested in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, then you’re likely already ahead of the game. But if you haven’t given it much thought, the career experts at iDreamCareer can help you out with the best suggestions. Check out their website now!

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