What are the Common Payment Methods at Pay N Play Casinos?

Playing online casinos is a passionate hobby for many of us, and Pay’N PLay has become a common way to play those sites and deposit money very fast and efficiently. If you are looking for a reliable and mostly anonymous way to play games such as virtual slots, blackjack, poker and roulette, you might be interested in learning about Pay’N’Play casinos.

The whole concept is based on the fact that not every customer wants to link his debit or credit card to a casino if he wants to play casinos for real cash. The registration process can be tedious and long, and some of us don’t want to show our identity to a KYC team. Pay’N’Play casinos are the real deal for people that want fast transactions without going through the process of full registration.

Pay’N Play Casinos: Say Goodbye To Credit Cards

Pay’N Play Casinos offer an innovative and straightforward way to pay, as you can pay by giving your BankID, banking information that Nordic countries already know about. The whole concept was invented by Trusty, a Swedish brand of electronic payments that figured out a way to pay for online gamblers.

Nowadays, Trustly is still the leader in the Pay’N Play industry, even though other brands have been offering the same service recently. The Nordic market appreciates this way to pay very much because the operation is quick, and efficient and doesn’t require you to give your personal information such as your name, your email address and debit or credit card information.

What about online casinos? What do they look like? If you’re already familiar with the online casino industry, you’ll have a pretty good idea of Pay’N Play Casinos as they look the same as regulars. Most of them will be targeted at the Nordic countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Functioning just like any other reputable online casino, most Pay’N Play Casinos have a license to operate in the countries they operate. Upon review of dozens of Pay’N Play Casinos, we have discovered that some are licensed with the Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) and some have a license in Malta.

The fact that a reputed payment company such as BankID is trusting these sites demonstrates that they are legit too.

How Pay’N’Play casinos work?

Pay’N Play Casinos are also called No Account casinos, simply because they do not require the player to give any kind of personal information. As we mentioned earlier, you need to be familiar with the concept of BankID to know how do PayN Play casinos work.

There is no need to join the website, but you will have to deposit money to play slots and all sorts of famous casino games. When you make a deposit, you will be asked to choose between payment methods like Trustly or Swift to indicate your bank ID.

Some sites used QR codes to paste your bank ID and interact with your computer screen. The process is a bit different on mobile as it will take you to an app that will complete the transaction.

What happens next? You receive the amount you’ve asked for in your casino balance and you will be ready to play in no time. Transactions are made easy and fast due to the efficiency of third-party providers such as Trustly, a company that works closely with a dozen Swedish banks.

Of course, every Pay’N’Play casino has its own rules and guidelines, but most of them advertise the fact that you don’t need to own an account to be able to play casino for real money.

The withdrawal process is the same path, as you will need to inform your BankID to withdraw your gains. The timeline for withdrawals may vary depending on your bank, but it usually only takes a few minutes.

Best Payment Methods For Pay’N’Play Online Casinos

Even if Trustly is arguably the leader of this type of payment, you might come across other payment systems such as Swift, Zimpler, Brite or even iDEAL if you resided in the Netherlands. These companies cover different markets, but they basically operate the same when it comes to no-account casinos. Using your BankID, they are able to process a transaction very fast and efficiently.

Pros and cons of using Pay’n’Play casinos

Pay’N’Play Casinos are very popular amongst users as they make things simple: you can credit your account instantly using your BankID, without having to worry about providing personal information such as your bank account statement, your passport or your National ID. It gives the player the liberty to come and go without receiving a newsletter or risking their account being rejected.

However, there are just a few cons about Pay’N’Play Casinos. First, they are only available in a small number of countries which include Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands and Germany. Secondly, it is hard to find a no-account casino that has promotions and perks such as VIP status.

All in all, Pay’N’Play Casinos are handy to use if you reside in a supported country and you want to enjoy the many games that these sites have to offer.

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