2024 Greyhound Racing: The Schedules at a Glance

In 1919, greyhound track racing came to life in California and was met with awe. Once the races became the talk of the town, local laws were regulated, and each track imposed its policies and procedures. Moreover, veterinarians were needed to examine dogs for treatments, medications, and vaccinations to produce the best racer.

Greyhound racing is alive and kicking worldwide, with plenty of spectators waiting for the next race to happen. Moreover, the new year marks plenty of race action, so keep these dates on your calendar. Nonetheless, a man’s best friend could also be his best racer: 

BGBF Puppy Cup

Once the calendar marks January 20, 2024, it’s time to greet the new year with the BGBF British Bred Puppy Cup. This UK racing landscape spans a century, withstanding generations across the country.

In last year’s championship game, the BGBF star Signet Goofy won the title. But this came as no surprise for spectators since the greyhound had already collected three wins before the game. 

With this win, Signet Goofy remains unbeaten through the British Championship Stakes. The racer also proves to be a worthy candidate when you bet on greyhounds, as he can burst at an early pace, a feat that differentiates him from opponents. 

Nonetheless, anything is possible when racing, so watch the game. One thing’s for sure: there’s plenty of excitement as opponents try to outrun the BGBF star Signeet Goofy.

Blue Riband

January 21 is another day for greyhound racing fans to watch out for. Here, you can expect the Blue Riband to make headlines as greyhounds run for their lives on a 500-meter flat course. Moreover, the race will be broadcast on Towcester TV, where you can expect to watch a night of greyhound racing.

The last Championship race was enough to satiate a Greyhound fan, as there were fourteen races on different distances and courses. However, the highlight of the game was none other than the Blue Riband winner, Deelish Frankie. In trap 3, this greyhound led the pack and did the job.

Moreover, he was also making a name for himself early in the season. During the pre-competition stakes, Deelish Frankie took off with a flawless performance, finishing 29 seconds in the given track.

Coral Essex Vase

Another race to look out for is the Coral Essex Vase, which will have a 575-meter course on January 26. This race has a long history that started in 1929 and grew into the established attraction it is today. Moreover, the racing calendar is filled with new events, with the Coral Essex Vase being one of them.

In 2022, Warzone Tom set a new record of having the fastest time in Coral history. During this race, the fan-favorite claimed his honor with 35.43 seconds on the clock, making him the night champion. 

The greyhound with the next fastest time would be 35.47 seconds from Drumdoit Bomber and Night Time Danny. It was a great night for racing, primarily as racers kicked off the competition with record-breaking wins.

Northern Puppy Derby

The Northern Puppy Derby is next in line on February 15. This race stands on a 480-meter course, offering a twist for fans looking for a new sight. Unlike the other races, the Northern Puppy Derby is limited to baby greyhounds over two years old. Moreover, the winning pup gains a tasty prize of 8,000 pounds.

Having puppies race also means a newer site for youngsters to become elite racers. Those who win the Northern Puppy Derby go on to other races for a top career. Moreover, the Northern Puppy Derby is an unpredictable race, as there has never been a back-to-back winner.

Ladbrokes Winter Derby

Like the Northern Puppy Derby, the Ladbrokes Winter Derby also has a racecourse of 480 meters. Likewise, you get to witness this race on February 17. With this race, you get plenty of thrill since the first round has 36 of the best racers vying for the semi-finals. Once the semi-finals are done, the greyhounds will progress until they reach the 10,000-pound showpiece in the Championships.  

During the 2023 season, Monmore Green, a greyhound with a long history of pro racers, took home the title. However, his first big race didn’t stop him from contending with other elites and claiming his crown.

Not only this, the Ladbrokes Winter Derby is also known for accepting senior greyhounds. Greyhound racer Memory has already garnered 74 career runs. Even so, he continues participating in recent races – with the 2023 Ladbrokes Winter Derby being one of them.

Premier Greyhound

Your final event would be the Premier Greyhound on February 24. This race will be the cream of the crop as it has a 714-meter flat course and regular fixtures at the start of January 2024. 

With the new schedule, greyhound racing will be at full blast. Nonetheless, the 20,000-pound race will happen in February, with the winner bringing home the cash prize and showcasing a golden jacket.

Final Thoughts

There’s a reason why greyhound racing has been around for a long time, and that’s because it offers its own set of thrills and enjoyment as opposed to other sports. Your 2024 calendar will be full of action, especially with these events in place. Thus, set these dates aside and free your schedule beforehand.

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