7 Ways to Remain Safe While Cycling

Cycling is, without any doubt, an excellent way of improving your mental and physical health. Most cyclists in Savannah, Georgia, are particularly vulnerable, but there are ways to minimize vulnerability and remain safe while cycling. Below is a list of ways to remain safe while cycling.

1.  Check Your Equipment Beforehand

The main causes of bicycle accidents include unexpected bumps or distracted drivers. Bicycle equipment malfunctions, however, are a major cause of significant bicycle crashes. You can minimize the risk of equipment-related accidents by inspecting your bike, gear, and helmet before hitting the road. Check for the lights and reflectors to ensure they’re working properly, inflate your tires properly, and inspect your gears and chains for any fractures, defects, and other issues. Follow these simple steps to minimize the possibility of an accident on the road and follow guidance from a Savannah bicycle accident attorney if you sustain injuries.

2.  Minimize Your Distractions

Distracted driving is the primary cause of severe car accidents in Savannah, Georgia. Unsurprisingly, riding a bicycle while being distracted can be equally dangerous, and you risk being vulnerable to serious injuries or even death. Riding a bicycle is a great experience as you get fresh air and disconnect from the frenzy of your daily life. It would be best to take full advantage of the bicycle ride by keeping your eyes on the road and minimizing distractions to remain safe.

3.  Wear a Helmet

A helmet is essential as it protects your head from severe injuries. Ensure you always purchase the correct helmet size and wear it correctly. The helmet shouldn’t shift or move on your head or slide backward or forward when and if your head hits the ground. Most crashes happen unexpectedly, and wearing a helmet can protect you in case it happens. A helmet may not be a 100% guarantee of saving your life, but it always gives you greater odds than riding bare-headed on the road.

4.  Choose a Safe Route

Cyclists ride their bikes everywhere. That being said, there are limitations put in place that we consider appropriate and safe. Cyclists who count entirely on others to enhance their safety should know their chosen route isn’t ideal. Avoid riding your bicycle on a busy road or a single high-speed lane to minimize the possibility of accidents that result due to distraction among drivers. Make sure you ride in areas where cyclists are common and consider roads with wide shoulders and those with slow speed limits. Ensure also to seek fire roads, bike paths, and trails to minimize cycling accidents.

5.  Avoid Riding in Extreme Weather Conditions

Bad weather conditions, including strong winds, snowfall, and heavy rains are the main causes of road accidents. Roads become slippery in such situations, and cyclists find it hard to control the two-wheeler completely. Unless it’s utterly necessary, avoiding riding a bicycle during harsh weather conditions is better. If you don’t avoid it, ensure you ride your bicycle carefully while following the traffic rules.

6.  Avoid the Sidewalks

Most cyclists consider sidewalks safer, especially when riding alongside larger cars. Sidewalk cycling is dangerous as you are more likely to lose control or hit a pedestrian when more people are on the path. Sidewalk pavement may also be more uneven than asphalt present on the road, and cyclists can hit a bump or crack in the sidewalk, which may lead to a crash. Most drivers don’t expect bicyclists to enter the road from a sidewalk, and you’re more likely to take them by surprise and get hit when using the sidewalk.

7.  Know and Use Your Signals

The majority of bike accidents happen near or at an intersection. It’s crucial to ensure you’re completely familiar with bike hand signals to communicate with other cyclists and nearby drivers. Drivers can’t anticipate what bicyclists plan to do unless a fair warning is given. Ensure the hand signals are clear to others to minimize the possibility of accidents.

Bicycling is an excellent way of exercising and minimizing your carbon footprint. Ensure you follow the listed safety features to minimize potential injuries and accidents while riding your bicycle.

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