Betting on return football matches

Rematch – this betting option is quite profitable and almost win-win (not in all cases, of course). These matches have one unpleasant feature. Most often they have to wait, and for quite a long time.

Recall that regular football championships consist of several stages: the main one, cups, duels between teams from different countries. We can meet the return matches in the major leagues only if there is a need for a relegation playoff. Even if there are return matches in any of the leagues, then, again, they will have to wait about 4-7 months.

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Basic principles of betting on return matches

Rematch will become an additional means of earning and forecasting for you. But you can consider this option only as an additional one due to various reasons. Firstly, it is not suitable for active betters because of too few such matches. We can attribute one more fact to the disadvantages. It will be necessary to watch the first match, or analyze all the forecasts of the teams’ past games.

Let’s describe the disadvantages in more detail:

  1. Seasonality. Most often, the period of return matches falls on winter-spring. As we said, it’s a long wait. Also, there will not be as many of these matches as regular ones. But there is still a chance to make good money on them.
  2. Even the first matches of the teams will not always help you make a forecast of at least 60-80%. Very often such games can end in a draw. You should not throw all your money on the team in which you are 100% sure. There will never be a 100% outcome in any bets. Naturally, there are games with obvious outcomes, but they are 10-30%.
  3. Decisive games. This format may be more difficult, because there may be two strong teams on the field. Again, forecasts and logic are only in your hands.  Support your favorite teams by playing only with reliable bookmakers. In 1xBet you will find the best odds for sports events. Install the 1x app on your smartphone.

Advantages of rematches

This type of betting has its advantages. You just have to suffer a little more with forecasts and analysis. Plus, taking into account various factors. Maybe so: in the first game, the team came out with a score of 7-0 in their favor. But in the return match, she put up a reserve and completely failed. It also happens. In these cases, it is definitely worth looking at the already prescribed and elaborated strategies of the teams. There may be: matches of favorites against favorites; matches of teams playing from defense; a return match with a team that won with a big score.

Factors affecting the game

In general, it cannot be said that ordinary matches differ in some way from the return matches. The only thing is the seriousness of any games. Some teams do not want to leave the championship at all (if we are talking about the case where teams can be relegated). Consequently, they will fight to the last and put professional players on the field.

Let’s list a few factors that can impact matches and players:

  1. Desire and motivation. Of course, if the quarterfinals or semifinals are ahead, I want to get to the final. After all, there is, in fact, very little left. There are teams that do not need, for example, the national cup. They put a reserve, and rest in anticipation of more significant matches. In this case, you can go to already verified sources and find out about news, forecasts.
  2. Meeting with a principled opponent. The very teams that have been fighting among themselves for years and are fighting for the best positions from season to season. You need to pay attention to yellow and red cards, violations, and comments. It is worth considering totals.
  3. Weather conditions. This factor impacts absolutely any match. There are very few stadiums with a roof that would cover the players from the sun, rain.

Betting on return matches can be profitable. They are popular not only in football

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