Gift Cards And Casinos: What You Need To Know

Gift cards work like prepaid cards. You buy them for the amount you like and spend them using the 12 digits on the cards. Most global casinos accept gift cards because they understand that players don’t want the stigma associated with being a gambler. With gift and prepaid cards, you purchase them to use up the funds without having them linked to you.

You can entertain yourself with slots and other casino games without worrying about anything. There are gift cards issued by trusted brands and supported by many casinos. On top of that, they are easy to purchase from stores and use in casinos.

Popular Gift Cards In Casinos

Below are some of the most popular gift cards and prepaid cards. They are available for purchase in many stores and online. You’ll also be able to use them in your favourite casino, online or land-based.

Visa And Mastercard

Visa and Mastercard are worldwide brands that every casino supports. They’re trustworthy and available in the form of debit, credit and gift cards. Unlike the debit and credit card versions, gift cards aren’t attached to your identity.

Since Visa and Mastercard are very popular in casinos, you will most likely find an option to pay with their gift card in their cashier section. Then you can enter the 12-digit number and fund your casino account.

American Express

American Express works similarly to Visa and Mastercard. It’s recognised globally and can be bought in stores and used in casinos. The nice thing about this gift card is you don’t need to use all of your balance at once. You can use half and spend the rest later.


Paysafecard is more of a prepaid voucher than a gift card, but it works the same way as gift cards. You can purchase it in stores, but online casino players prefer buying it online because it’s more convenient. You can buy it for different prices, which makes it easier to select a voucher that matches your gambling budget.

It’s prevalent in casinos from the UK, the US and the rest of the world. It’s owned by Paysafe, a trustworthy organisation that owns Skrill and Neteller.

Spin Those Reels In Casinos That Accept Gift Cards

You can learn more about different types of slot machines and other casino games in the casinos we’ve listed below. They are legit gift card casinos and are accessible in the UK and other parts of the globe:

1. MrQ
2. PokerStars Casino
3. Duelz
5. Betfair Casino
6. Pink Casino
8. Paddy Power
9. Platin Casino
10. Playzee

Pros And Cons Of Using Gift Cards In Casinos

Whether you’ve opted for cryptocurrency, bank or gift card payments, you’ve chosen them because of the many advantages. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t disadvantages to look out for. There’re fantastic gift card benefits, especially for use in casinos. But there are also a few setbacks to bear in mind.


Just a heads up, you can buy a gift card for that casino games enthusiast friend of yours. It’ll make them happy.
Unlike with many other payments, there aren’t any fees associated with a gift card; the amount you’ve bought them for is exactly how much you can spend.
They’re effortless to use. In online casinos, for instance, you enter the 12-digit code, and your funds will be loaded.
Gift cards are an excellent option for players who feel the need to be strict in controlling their spending. You can buy it for the amount you want to spend for the month; once it’s used up, you stop. This can help prevent problem gambling.
You can use a gift card if you don’t want to share your bank account details and don’t want it to be linked to your casino account.


Gift cards have low limits, which is not so great for high rollers.
Reloadable gift cards sometimes require an activation fee.
Some casinos don’t accept gift cards.
If you happen to lose it, it’s gone, forget about it and move on.
Casinos don’t allow gift card users to claim bonuses and other offers.

In Closing

Gift cards are a great way to fund your casino account. They work similarly to prepaid vouchers and are easy to use in online casinos. Using a gift card has many benefits, including not sharing your bank details, no fees and helping players stay on budget.

If you aren’t familiar with gift cards, they’re easy to find in stores. They’re associated with popular brands like Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Paysafe. On top of that, they’re accepted in many casinos globally. If you haven’t found a good casino, you can check out the ones we’ve listed above.

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