New Technology in Bangladesh Gambling Industry

Innovations in the World of Gambling

The 21st century is dictating new rules for the world. The Internet is no exception. All new technologies are taking place and are gradually being introduced. Especially the new achievements that help every day to step forward . If we talk about gambling, the technological changes have affected it quite a lot. Even if you take the trivial move from a land-based casino to an online one. This has greatly simplified the process of playing, providing players with a large number of the latest convenient features . More and more players are able to play in the convenience of their own environment and choose activities that suit their financial situation. 

There are lots of different kinds of online games that are improving and getting better. Below are the main technological innovations that have been implemented or will be implemented very soon.

Blockchain Technology

All operators are concerned about their reputation. It depends on the security of the transactions. Player confidence depends on the safety and speed of monetary operations. If a provider is good at both of these things, more and more players will trust them and play games. 

Blockchain technology offers the use of cryptocurrency for transactions. With it, transfers can be made instantly. And the player can view all his transactions. 

Players can also take advantage of the personalised transfers feature . 

All transfers using crypto help the player remain anonymous and maintain their security.

Using Artificial Intelligence

With the advent of smartphones, all online casinos began to rapidly create apps for them. This was due to the fact that it was the apps that would be able to attract even more players. This way they would have constant access to the game and could use it at any time. 

The technology of the future in 2023 is artificial intelligence. There are several directions in which the specialists in this field are now advancing:

Secure online establishments. It is intelligence that can instantly detect fraudsters and create programs to block them;

Improved intelligence will help to instantly issue bonus offers, will offer more and more promotions based on the gambler’s preferences ;

Detecting addictions and setting restrictions for these players. Gambling addiction is a big problem in gambling. Some people have a fragile nervous system that can easily break down. In this case, a person becomes addicted. He himself does not realise it. Therefore, certain mechanisms are needed to identify it. 

Besides, there is a development towards fulfilment of certain tasks, conditions. Development of artificial intelligence occurs rather quickly. It may be assumed that all of the above conditions will be created within the next 5 years. 

Virtual Reality 

VR has been around for a while now. Initially it was used to create the most believable animation in video games. Now the top online casinos began to implement it in their platforms. For instance, playing live casino games and using virtual reality glasses can give a 100% guarantee that the player will feel like he is playing in a land based casino. Everything is identical: the atmosphere, the visuals, the music. Even a live dealer will be present in the game. You do not have to go to the land-based establishment to experience all the emotions of this excitement. You can do it right at home. The only drawback is the need to purchase expensive hardware. 

Using Social Networks

Since in most countries online casinos are not allowed to provide public advertising. Many platforms have started using social networking sites such as Facebook to attract an audience. Here, all players can find lucrative bonus offers, promotions and special tournaments.

A Unique Approach

This feature allows operators to provide gambling not only on a personal computer, but also on other devices in the form of an application. All the functionality at the same time remains identical. For instance, gamblers can use the live casino both on their mobile phone and on the official website . 

Multichannel allows to increase accessibility of the player to the process, respectively, making it more convenient to play. This approach can only be implemented with close cooperation between the operator and the software. 

In Bangladesh, there is the Betvisa platform, which has the most versatile functionality. offers an excellent app that can be run on devices with an android or ios operating system. Accordingly, the player has the chance to play his favourite entertainment anywhere. There are some advantages to using Betvisa apk

  • Free download and maintenance of the app;
  • The mobile lobby consists of 1,900 entertainment ;
  • Availability of a sports betting section;
  • Play on your personal account anywhere in the world . 

Perspectives on Different Territories in Gambling

Every continent, country and even city goes its own way towards becoming a successful gambling industry. In some territories gambling is strictly forbidden due to cultural differences. And somewhere every second person is a professional gambler. The future of gambling: 

  • North America-Gambling has been active on this continent for several centuries. It is the most important for the gambling business. The USA is also the continent where gambling is developing positively since there is an increasing talk about legalising online casinos;
  • Europe is a continent that has a large number of players because of its legality. More and more players are flocking to European casinos. This gives an impetus for the operators to develop. The EU companies have tremendous competition. That’s why all the latest technology first appears on the continent. Each operator is trying to create something unique to attract the main audience;
  • Asia – every year the market develops and grows. Many countries have already legalised online gambling. This is a good prospect for the development of the market relations of this business. 


If you look at gambling 10 years ago, you can see a huge difference between now and then. This fact speaks volumes about the fairly rapid development of the online casino industry around the world. More and more operators are striving to attract players to themselves. After all, it is on them that the income of the platform depends. The only way to win the player’s love is through honesty and the implementation of new technologies. If security and legality are guaranteed by many gaming platforms. But not all of them can develop technological innovations. This requires a huge base of software specialists who can not only create but also ensure that innovations work as correctly as possible. 

You can be sure that in the future, the casino industry will develop even faster. And already in 5 years the world will see a lot of exciting features .


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