Sport Betting Near Me: How To Bet on the NBA

Did you know that you can turn a measly $250 bet into over $100,000?

That’s what happened to one bettor whose wager paid out for an 11-leg parlay. While this sort of payout is rare, it’s definitely possible. And with a bit of experience, you too can win big when betting on the NBA.

Not sure where to start? Sports betting near me may seem complicated. Bettors may use words like “over/under” or “break-even” which don’t make sense to the layman.Step into the world of possibilities with 7 games bet, an online betting site that redefines entertainment in Brazil. Play casino games, bet on sports, and enjoy generous rewards.

If these phrases appear to be utterly alien, then look no further. Keep reading for everything you need to know in this NBA betting guide.

Find a Decent Book Provider With Sports Betting Near Me

Before you bet on the NBA, it’s important to find a reputable platform to work with. Many shady sites may claim that you can earn an amount that sounds too good to be true. That, or they provide guarantees they can’t make good on–or no guarantees at all.

The key is to find a place that is legal, vetted, and reputable. Click here for an excellent place to start.

Of course, you’re not tied to one single sportsbook. In fact, many bettors do what is known as “line shopping,” where they shop around for other sportsbooks. Start out small though, then work up your confidence before you line shop.

NBA Betting Tips: Understand When You’re Losing Money

When you bet on the NBA, you need to keep one principle at the forefront of your mind: break-even rate. Breaking even means you are not losing any money, but neither are you making any money. While this place isn’t the best place to be, it’s better than losing!

Everyone’s break-even rate is 50%. That means that, for example, you win $50 on one bet, then lose $50 on another. You’ve neither gained nor lost money in this situation.

It only follows that your break-even rate should be above 50% as much as possible. It’s rare that you will break even all the time. 

Learning how to climb consistently above 50% is easier said than done, of course. There is no silver bullet solution other than practice and patience.

Understand Wager Types Before You Bet on Basketball

If you’ve never bet before, chances are your only perception of betting comes from movies and shows. You’re used to sports bettors standing around a television after casting bets, begging their team to win.

Betting on a win is just one type of bet among many. Bets can be based on a point threshold or can be cast over a season of games. There is no right or wrong way to bet; you can only choose the bet kinds that appeal most to you.

Here are just a few types of bets that you can try out:

  • Moneyline: a bet based on winning or losing
  • Point spread: point margin after a victory (in other words, your team won by a given number of points)
  • Total (Over/Under): betting according to a sportsbook’s threshold, and choosing which team will go over or under that threshold
  • Parlay: betting on consecutive victorious games
  • Teaser: consecutive games where your chosen team wins by a specific margin of points
  • Prop: bets focused on the individual performance of each player (i.e. number of dunks by the MVP)
  • Middle: similar to totals, but with a bet on both teams and their win margin
  • Futures: some of the most specific bets involving players fulfilling a certain amount of actions in the future
  • Live: bets cast as the game is happening on the events as they occur

Each of these bet types has its own level of risk and reward. Bets that have less risk tend to have less reward as a general rule.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Unless you get a streak of beginner’s luck, don’t expect any of this to come easy. Betting, like anything else, takes years to master. Even seasoned bettors who have raked in thousands of dollars can lose big every now and again.

Try out all the bet types after researching their odds. Get a feel for which ones you’re good at, and which ones you never want to try again. This process is invaluable, and you may discover that you enjoy a certain bet type that you had never considered.

Research Your Teams, but Trust Your Gut

Research is a double-edged sword in betting. While it’s important to know your teams well, it’s also important to respect entropy. Even established teams with robust lineups can lose in the blink of an eye.

Learn to listen to your gut when you cast bets–and delineate that feeling from any other emotion. Your gut is often the most skeptical part of you.

There may be some inconsistencies that your body recognizes subconsciously that make you get cold feet. Trust that part of yourself before trusting some false sense of security.

Form an Overall Strategy

Some bettors focus on the long con by betting over the course of a season. Others focus on individual games. Both present their own levels of difficulty, so it’s entirely up to you which strategy to choose.

It’s important to focus on a few key bets in strategic areas. Don’t cast every bet on the list and hope one lands. It’s better to invest more money in bets whose odds you know, and with which you have experience.

Speak to Seasoned Bettors

Even if you’ve watched the NBA all your life, don’t assume you know how things work. Speak to other bettors, particularly the successful ones. Ask about their strategies and see how they handle different hiccups along the way.

If they’ve got skin in the game and haven’t gone broke, then they’re an excellent source of knowledge for you.

Bet on Basketball Today

Sports betting near me is better than ever, and the NBA is an excellent place for novice bettors to get their feet wet. Research the different bet types and get a feel for the risk and reward of each. Form a robust strategy with the help of seasoned bettors, and practice until you get the hang of it.

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