The team that conceded more than 100 goals in a tournament

In most major football competitions, the average number of goals per game oscillates between 2.3 and 2.7 approximately. The website can always be used to wager on virtually any football tournament that punters want.

The 2015 edition of the Pacific Games also had a football tournament of their own. It was contested by U-23 teams from that part of the world. It is quite curious to see that this competition had a staggering 8.88 goals per match. How did something like this happen? The 1xBet bookmaker also welcomes bettors who want to wager on matches that are likely to have huge numbers of goals.

A group with a lot of goals

The football tournament of the 2015 Pacific Games was held between the 3rd and the 17th of July of that year. Plenty of football tournaments from all over the world can be wagered by obtaining the 1xBet app apk download for Android devices.

The championship had eight teams in total. They were divided into two groups of four teams each. The two top teams of each group advanced to the semi-finals. This huge number of goals per game was caused by the results seen in Group A. The following teams were part of it:

and the Federated States of Micronesia.

You can download the apk of the 1xBet app for absolutely free, and wager on all those national squads. Micronesia ended their participation with no wins, no draws and three losses. Also, they failed to score a single goal and conceded a staggering amount of 114 goals in the three matches they lost.

Three devastating defeats

The first match played by Micronesia took place on the 3rd of July 2015. Tahiti defeated Micronesia 30-0. And no, that’s not a tennis score. The website can always be used for wagering on competitions with these impressive numbers of goals.

Two days later, Micronesia lost 38-0 against Fiji. Finally, on the 7th of July, Vanuatu defeated Micronesia 46-0. All other matches in this group had more “normal” results. The match with the largest score that didn’t feature Micronesia was when Tahiti won 2-1 against Vanuatu.

It is interesting to think about why those results happened in the first place. Sure, the other nations had better teams, but things went much beyond that. Micronesia had plenty of problems gathering the team they would send for the Pacific Games. The International Olympic Committee helped the team financially in order to travel to Papua New Guinea where the tournament was played.

Many people also argued that those matches were the first time when many of the Micronesian footballers played full contests with 11 players per team. If you want to wager on Micronesia, the 1xBetwebsite also offers you that option.

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