Things To Bet On During The Super Bowl

There are many interesting things to bet on during the Super Bowl that you wouldn’t be able to do any other time during the year. The Super Bowl is probably one of the most watched things ever because of how many people love the sport of football. 

The Super Bowl odds will be available when the NFC and the AFC title games are finished. It will take place on Sunday, February 12, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. What are some of the things to bet on during the Super Bowl?

Color Of Gatorade For the Winning Team

One of the more interesting bets during the Super Bowl is figuring out what color the Gatorade will be for the winning team. The usual tradition in every single Super Bowl is the head coach getting dumped on with a bucket of Gatorade. The usual colors to bet on are purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Those are the colors that people usually use.

It is very rare they’ll use a white Gatorade or any other color. It is fun to see the head coaches get dumped with this because it shows the hard work they have done over the course of the season to win the Super Bowl. People will bet on anything and spend money on it, and this is the perfect example of that being the case in the Super Bowl.

First Touchdown Bets

First touchdown bets are talked about during the regular season, but there seems to be an extra emphasis on it during the week of the Super Bowl for some odd reason. There are always those major underdogs in the Super Bowl, and it is the day were unsung heroes are born. This is the stage where everyone is watching the game.

Bet on Super Bowl has very interesting odds, for example, on this prop. So for the Kansas City Chiefs, say the odds are Travis Kelce +225, Juju Smith-Schuster +350, and David Bell +400 to score the first touchdown of the game for the Chiefs. For the Eagles, the odds are Miles Sanders +150, A.J. Brown +210, and Dallas Goedert +325. There are usually times when the unexpected player scores a touchdown first in the Super Bowl, and it is no surprise.

Betting On Heads and Tails

Another interesting bet during the Super Bowl is betting on the coin toss. No one during the regular season or even the postseason bets on the coin toss until the Super Bowl itself. Remember, it is only betting on heads or tails. There is a phrase that people like to use, and it is tails never fails. Well, how true is it? It depends, and it is based on luck for the most part.

The AFC team will be the road team this year in the Super Bowl( LVII), and the NFC team will be the home team this year as well.

Betting On the Super Bowl Game Itself 

The Super Bowl Game itself is where the main bets come into play. The point spread, the over/under points total, and also the money line to win the football game outright. For the Super Bowl lines, they change over the course of two weeks from when they are released leading up until the opening kickoff of the game.

If the match-up is the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Philadelphia Eagles, the potential spread could be Kansas City (-5.5) (-110) odds over Philadelphia (+5.5) (-110) odds. The over/under points total for this football game will be set for 48.5 total points, assuming everyone is healthy on both sides. For the money line, the Chiefs have -160 odds, and the Eagles have +215 odds. 

It is very rare for the spreads of these games to change a lot over the course of two weeks unless the injuries pile up. It could happen over practice, or it could have happened in the AFC Championship Game or the NFC Championship Game. Betting on Super Bowl LVII will be fun for NFL fans and for other casual sports fans.

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