Ways Women Are Wearing Shorts This Summer

We simply don’t have the patience to stick to full-length, non-skin-showing pants this summer. When temperatures soar, we’re going for shorts, baby! But shorts can sometimes attract mixed reactions, especially when they match the wearer’s personality and the occasion.

It can be a bit tricky to find high-quality women’s shorts that are flattering and cute, yet actually comfy. And if you’re looking to wear your shorts to the office and beyond, styling your pair this summer can become a little more challenging.

Even so, trendy women’s shorts are an ideal garment for updating your wardrobe for the warm season. And thanks to these itty-bitty beauties, you can pull off some of the chicest looks for any style or taste.

Moreover, fashionable shorts for women will let you piece together interesting and unique outfits for practically any occasion, be it official, dressy, smart casual, or laid-back casual. The good news is that the world’s renowned clothing brands and designers have incorporated stylish and uber-chic women’s shorts into their collections for summer.

Our favorite Instagram influencers, fashionistas, celebrities, and other big names in the world of fashion have already secured their pairs. The shorts trend has literally become the new it-girl uniform for A-listers like Maria Borges, Bella Hadid, and more. They couldn’t wait to show off gorgeous looks with chic shorts in pretty much any style—from Capri shorts with added embellishments to mini, baggy, and slim-fit styles.

So, we’re in love with the cuteness and versatility factor of the fashionable summer women’s shorts. Whether you’re getting ready for brunch with the girls, running errands, or out and about, you’ll be impressed by how the following shorts styling trends are fun, practical, and effortless to wear.

1- Jean Shorts or Cutoffs

No matter how popular and how trendy micro-minis and tennis skirts may be right now, a good pair of cutoffs is always a summer staple. You can even rock a trusty pair of jean shorts in winter and fall if your area enjoys warm weather throughout the year. The only downside about scoring the best denim cutoffs—your go-to outfit maker—is that you’ll wear the pair so much it’ll eventually need replacing.

If your jeans have frayed or ripped to tatters after too many wears and washes, your curve-caressing pair may not fit right anymore. Perhaps it’s high time you hunt for your new favorite pair of cutoffs. And finding and styling the perfect-fitting pair of jean shorts is not rocket science.

If casual and comfortable are two words you normally use to describe your perfect pair of denim shorts, go for high-waist jean shorts. They’re roomy, yet can beautifully accentuate your waist, letting your curves steal the show.

If you find non-stretch denim restricting and stiff, be a little creative. Sanctuary clothing says to snap up a pair of jean shorts with an adjustable drawstring waist. Trust us; that will be a game-changer for your summer women’s shorts styling.
You can also hop on the core cottage trend that’s hot right now with jean shorts. Trade up your sun dresses by pairing your favorite seamed pair of cutoffs with a cute chunky cardigan. Finish off your get-up with a pair of oxfords to take that old-school retro vibe to the next level. And to add a bit more flair, you can pair some customized enamel pins and statement earrings, and voila! You’re ready for a day of fun with your BFFs.

Look beyond blue denim this summer and switch it up with a pair of black jean shorts. Dress them up with an oversized blazer dress in a dark shade. Incorporate a pair of black heels and a statement belt—and you’re ready for anything summer fun throws at you.

2- Hiker Shorts

To say hiker shorts are all the rage this summer would be an understatement. If you’re an outdoorsy kind of girl, you know you could use a pair of flexible, lightweight, and breathable shorts. And hiker shorts fit that description to the tee, helping you stay stylish and comfortable during those hot, sweaty hikes.

Today’s fashionable hiking shorts for women can be worn beyond your favorite hiking trail. Minimalism is the keyword when it comes to wearing hiker shorts, so the fewer items, the better.

For instance, you can consider teaming up a pair of hiker shorts with a white linen sleeve top for a more relaxed approach to summer style. Does it feel too dressy for you? Spice things up with your favorite flat leather sandals.

Pairing your hiking shorts and a gray or white printed sweatshirt will prove your sartorial prowess on those lazy afternoons. Round out this outfit with a pair of canvas boat shoes to instantly dress down this ensemble.

3- Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are making a massive comeback this summer, and we’re super excited. The Bermudas had a serious moment of renaissance last warm weather season, and celebs like Bella Hadid brought them to the fore this spring. Nonetheless, we think trunks are a snazzy trend you should embrace this summer, especially if you love them in denim.

If you want to nail the Bermudas this summer like a pro fashionista, think white tank tops—they’re a match made in heaven! You’ll never go wrong by pairing Bermuda shorts and a white tank. It’s a great way to show off your style expertise without actually trying too much. Amp up the casual outfit by rocking a pair of heeled, leather sandals in black or darker shades of green.

Want to zoom from the office to a dinner date without changing? Consider a white tank, a pair of red Bermuda shorts, and white leather oxfords for a smarter finish. Black sunglasses, a white leather clutch, and a red double-breasted blazer will help you complete this ready-for-anything outfit.

4- Athletic Shorts/Biker Shorts

When biker shorts first hit the fashion scene a few years ago, the best of us were a bit confused. But we’ve embraced the athletic shorts trend to the max, partly thanks to their coziness and ubiquity. They’re literally everywhere, and that’s not a bad thing by any means.

We love that biker shorts are ultra-comfy, figure-flattering, and incredibly easy to style. We’re betting high-rise biker shorts will rule street styles this summer, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Catchphrase: tummy control—need we say more?

Now, styling biker shorts (or any pair of athletic shorts, for that matter) is all about sneakers. That’s right; the casual pair of a good sneaker and bike shorts will take your summer wardrobe from drab to swish in a breeze.

Pairing biker shorts and a sweatshirt is easy enough. But adding a pair of canvas low-top sneakers will certainly spruce up your outfit. Why not finish off this casual get-up with white socks and gold earrings?

5- Capri Shorts

Nothing says “I’m ready for summer” quite like a nice pair of Capri shorts. It’s a shame they don’t get nearly as much hype as they should. It’s true; Capri-length shorts for women can be polarizing for some, but they offer the ideal in-between rise that works like a charm for summer!

Like Capri pants, these shorts are effortless to wear if you have the right top for them. If keeping things casual is your go-to style this summer, stick to wearing Capri shorts and tank tops, preferably in classic hues like gray, navy, or white. Go off the beaten path and spice up your outfit by donning white leather low-top sneakers.

The Bottom Line

Shorts are inevitably going to rule summer style, and you’d be better off lining your closet with several pairs sooner rather than later. Biker shorts and Bermudas are not new on the fashion scene, but they haven’t lost their warm weather allure. Of course, don’t rule out hiker shorts, Capris, and denim cutoffs just yet either.


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