Which Flowers are the Best for Home Decor?

A Fair Question

The best flowers for a given home may be somewhat subjective. There are stylistic preferences endorsed by the trending elite, then there are allergens and local ecology to consider. For example, if you live in a suburb outside Anchorage, Alaska, it would be a little strange should interior décor follow tropical patterns, and include associated plants.

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For one thing, local ecology won’t support some clutch of flora designed for tropical residency. For another, a bunch of flowers from south of the equator would look out of place in Alaska. Still, some homeowners up north may dream of the tropics, and satiate that dream with a few exotic plants shipped in from afar and carefully husbanded indoors.

There’s nothing wrong with that; doing so successfully in a cold climate is even a bit impressive. It’s just not the norm. But, since humans have infinite individuality, we can’t cover all flowers for all homes.

What we can do is help you choose the best flowers for home based on your own preferences. Here we’ll explore key factors to consider a How To Use Flowers In Decorating Your Home you find the best flowers for indoor décor.


  1. Stylish Varieties of Indoor Plants
    Eight of the most popular flowers to grow indoors include Geranium, African Violet, Kalanchoe, Jasmine, Begonia, Peace Lily, Lipstick Plant, and Christmas Cactus. Certainly, there are others. Poinsettias. Rose plants. You can grow whatever you like, but those listed are easy to keep alive, and they’re trending.

Something else to consider is whether you actually husband the flowers from seedling to bloom or acquire cut flowers on a regular basis which are then positioned in varying vases. Either approach is fine, but actually growing flowers indoors is quite a bit different than buying bouquets.

  1. Indoor Flowers That Actually Clean the Air
    Barberton Daisy, Chrysanthemum, the Flamingo Lily, the aforementioned Peace Lily, Scarlet Star Bromeliad, and Clivia are all excellent indoor flowers for cleaning the air. The following link features them, as well as a number of general houseplants that do the same.

In terms of decoration, such floral arrangements are worthwhile because they impart subconscious levels of cleanliness to the area. The air is cleaner, so things are less cluttered, and you can breathe easier. Such aspects of living space are part and parcel to decoration, and make a house easier to live in.


  1. Taking Allergens and Associated Factors Into Account
    Some plants are going to cause you, your friends, or your family members to have an allergic response. Now, how deeply this affects you is in part your business. Some people have cats as pets even though they’re allergic.

If you love a flower, then your labor of love may be enduring sneezes when it blooms. It’s up to you. Generally, you want to avoid any flowers that’ll make you sneeze in an uncomfortable, consistent way. Even if they look good, they’re not good for you. Still, it’s ultimately your choice.

The Ideal Floral Decor for Your Home
Factor in allergies, explore plants that clean the air and explore what indoor plants are currently popular. Finally, decide if you’re going to nurture the buds from the soil or buy cut flowers and replenish them at intervals.

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