5 Financial Management And CFO Tools You Must Use

In the post-pandemic situation, most companies have gone digital. So, It has become an utmost need for businesses to manage their finances using finance managing tools found online. While searching for financial tools online, we need to be aware of the non-verified ones, as selecting them can result in financial damage. 

If you are going to select an online financial tool, first make sure that the developers are trusted companies. The financial management tool must evolve with your growing business and shouldn’t remain stagnant after a certain period of time. 

Businesses that maintain a heavy online presence can work on cloud-based finance managing tools to save time. You can go through our article, where we will provide you with details of the five best finance managing tools. 

Five Best Finance Managing And CFO Tools  

We have selected a list of top-rated financial management and CFO tools after going through thorough and detailed research. If you are planning to build your company, you can visit the pirate bay website to download some of these tools for free. 


PlanGuru is a complete planning and budgeting solution for small businesses and non-profit organizations. PlanGuru is equipped to help small business owners construct financial forecasts, understand budgets and prepare analytics according to their company’s needs. 

PlanGuru has been deemed as a concise and accurate budgeting software system that includes income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.  

PlanGuru is equipped to provide 20 forecasting methods of finance and budgeting, which also includes turnkey methods and the ability to build custom business drivers. PlanGuru’s forecasting abilities also can predict the company’s future financial impact of specific events. 


PlanGuru products come with Business/Nonprofit plans and Advisor plans. Usually, Business or Nonprofit monthly plans can be bought for only $99, and Advisor plans can also be bought for only $99, which is applicable for three clients. 


Approve.com provides a complete financial solution to automate purchasing process of any organization. Approve.com also control the expenses of any growing organization during their integrated purchasing processes.

Approve.com can be termed as a spend management tool that is responsible for improving the visibility of the spending processes to a company’s employees. It is also responsible for conducting enterprise resource planning to help manage an entire business model of an enterprise. 

Approve.com provides customizable procurement processes to optimize financial management systems. It also offers to perform the audit trails of any newly growing organization. It also guarantees to help in deploying the requisition process most safely. Approve guarantees to cover the organization’s complete audit log, financial visibility, procurement, and moreover security. 

Approve.com provides a free demo and trial service along with 24/7 live support. 

Gusto Payroll Solutions

Gusto is a complete payroll service provider that produces cloud-based payroll, benefits, and human resource management for small business owners. Gusto is a financial software management company based in the United States that raised $200 million at a $3.8 billion valuation only in 2019. 


Gusto guarantees to provide a modern HR platform for any growing company to push them toward the path of success by easily handling their finance. Filling taxes have become the easiest of all methods with the help of Gusto. Gusto provides easy tax fills, identifies tax credits, runs unlimited payrolls, and automates tax calculations. 

You can purchase Gusto’s simple plan that streamlines automatic payroll features and benefits for only $40 per month. Organizations are advised to purchase Gusto’s plus plan with comprehensive payroll, benefits, and complete HR tools for employees for only $80 per month. 


NetSuite Inc. is an American cloud computing company with headquarters in Austin, Texas. NetSuite offers to provide everything under one roof and is growing with support from its 32,000 customers in 217 countries across the globe. NetSuite guarantees to help any brewing organization to emerge as successful business holders. Some of NetSuite’s customers include Lovesac, Spikeball, HINT, Beeline, W2o group, and T3 Micro. 

Some of Netsuite’s products are ERP which is responsible for maintaining inventory management, order management, global business management, supply chain, and warehouses. Customers can also buy accounting software to maintain a swift cash flow and payables within an organization. NetSuite provides complete customer resource management with automated marketing and sales force. The company also provides HR assistance to newly built companies. 

NetSuite provides a PSA service where any organization can easily manage timesheets, resources, accounting, projects, and expenses. There are also product demos available on NetSuite’s website, which companies can attain before investing in any of their packages. 

Financial Force 

FinancialForce is a cloud-based application that provides complete enterprise resource planning solutions for any growing organization. FinancialForce fixes problems regarding accounting, billing, automated services, revenue recognition, human capital management, and supply chain management services. 

FinancialForce guarantees to offer customer-centric business applications that can be managed and executed on cloud platforms. FinancialForce is a kind of CFO tool that takes good care of the customer’s experience. They go through the awareness stage, consideration stage, and decision stage to provide each of their customer’s complete satisfaction. 


FinancialForce has more than 1,400 clients in 30+ countries, and their customer list includes well-known brands like elastic, MDA, Splunk, cisco, DocuSign, and more. 


The financial management and CFO tools can act as catalysts to build any organization from its seedling stage. In the age of digitalization, these freely available tools can be a great asset for start-up companies that are starting to emerge.

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