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Cricket Betting Guru: Reviews of Cricket Betting Apps

We can all agree that betting on Cricket in India is extremely popular these days. This is because Cricket is not only fun to watch, but is also fun to place bets on. However, there are tons of online bookies these days, and not all of them are safe to use, so please, in order to find a great online bookie, start using Cricket Betting Guru.

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Tons of Indian players are constantly using Cricket Betting Guru to find great online bookie for betting on Sports and Cricket in India. Cricket Betting Guru specializes in providing Indian users with as much information about online bookies in India as possible. The website’s reviews of online bookies are done by great professionals, and all the reviews are not only about the websites, but also about the mobile apps, bonuses and promotions, betting odds, tournaments and more.

Betting Apps at Cricket Betting Guru

Nowadays, a lot of Indian players are fond of using their mobile devices for betting on Cricket, since it is not only comfortable, but will also let you not miss a single profitable bet. Luckily at Cricket Betting Guru, you will have no problem finding a great online bookie’s mobile app thanks to the “Betting Apps” section. This page presents a rating of top 50 cricket betting apps in India, and each bookie has a detailed mobile app review.

Pros and Cons of Cricket Betting Guru

We have prepared a table with Cricket Betting Guru’s pros and cons which you can see below:


Pros Cons
All reviews are extremely detailed, and cover all the required aspects  Not all Indian players like the comfort of use
The reviews are all up-to-date
You will be able to use Cricket Betting Guru by opening the website in your mobile browser

Betting Odds

At Cricket Betting Guru, apart from the detailed information about online bookies and their mobile apps, all Indian players will be able to learn about the odds presented for Cricket betting. All the online bookies that are present at Cricket Betting Guru have the best odds for Cricket betting on the online bookie market, so you will definitely not be disappointed by the wide range of odds.


To sum it all up, we recommend Cricket Betting Guru to all of our Indian users, as the website provides as much information about online bookie as possible. Thanks to being a member of Cricket Betting Guru, you will be able to find a great licensed online bookie that is suitable for you.


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