Factors Affecting the Settlement Amount Following a Dog Bite Injury in St. Louis

There are different laws for every state governing dog bite injury cases. These laws are crucial to understand and play an integral role in impacting the claim outcome and settlement amount. Multiple factors help determine the settlement amount for individuals who sustain injuries following a dog bite in St. Louis, Missouri.

Owner’s Liability

In most cases, the dog owner is often held liable for injuries caused by the pet. It means they are responsible for catering for damage, including pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical bills. Multiple factors affect whether the owner is liable, including whether or not the victim trespasses on private property, whether or not the owner knows about the dog’s aggressiveness, and whether or not the canine has a history of biting people. Hire a reliable St. Louis dog bite lawyer to secure fair compensation if the owner is at fault.

Presence of Negligence

Lack of care occurs when the dog’s owner knows that the dog is dangerous but fails to take the necessary steps to prevent the possibility of an attack. If that happens, they are responsible for the damage the victim suffers following the attack. The victim may be found partly at fault if an investigation concludes they harassed the dog before the attack. If that’s the case, the overall settlement amount is reduced or even eliminated.

The Severity of Your Injuries

The seriousness of the injury is crucial in determining the settlement amount. Emotional trauma and physical injuries are devastating to the victims. After an incident, the victim may require extensive medical care and surgery and may be unproductive for an extended duration. All the listed factors contribute to the overall amount of damage the victim can recover. There are two types of injuries following a dog bite:

Disabling Injuries

Some of the injuries from a dog bite may disable victims in some way. Brain injuries may be life-changing, and victims can take the liable party to court if that’s the case. The dog owner in this situation cannot deny the existence of an attack, and you’ll receive a higher compensation amount for your claim. The dog owners will avoid going to court as the odds of winning such cases isn’t on their side. The settlement is done outside court, allowing victims of dog bites to secure a hefty settlement offer.

Visible Injuries

Visible injuries have a strong impression on most people. The presence of deep scars on your legs and arms increases the chances of recouping a higher compensation amount. Given the seriousness of the injuries, a victim can approach the dog owner with the help of a reputable dog bite lawyer to claim a large settlement amount. A seasoned lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri enables you to craft a solid lawsuit for substantial compensation following the injuries sustained.

Insurance Coverage

Victims with personal liability insurance will have some or all of their damages covered following a dog bite incident. Your insurance company considers the amount you can receive following your dog bite claim. It’s, therefore, essential to review your insurer’s terms to see whether you are eligible for coverage after sustaining injuries from a dog bite.

Medical Costs

Your insurance company considers the extent of the overall medical costs to enable you to secure a fair settlement amount. It includes future care and the initial treatment you may require. Dog bite attacks sometimes cause severe injuries, and the insurance company is more likely to offer a fair settlement amount to minimize the possibility of going to court. However, if the victim experiences a long recovery process and has extensive medical bills, going to court is necessary to secure a higher settlement amount.

Like most personal injury cases, the majority of dog bite claims settlements in St. Louis, Missouri happens outside the court. It would help if you were wary of a hasty settlement offer from an insurance firm to minimize the possibility of underpayment. Work with a reliable personal injury lawyer to help you understand the compensation amount you should receive.

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