How to Predict The Winner in Cricket for Betting

The popularity of cricket is undisputed. It’s a fact that the sport watched by billions will have a huge betting market. The market expands to billions in revenue each year. Betting is mainly popular due to its diverse array of variables in the sport. The variables include pitch conditions, climate, player confidence, team spirit, and rankings.


Top Ways to Predict The Winning Team for Placing a Bet

Placing a bet has many different factors, and you cannot expect to get rich quickly just by betting high. One of the most popular bets is the match-winner bet. Winning a match has its own variables that need analysis before placing a bet. Let’s explore some of the top ways to predict the winning team for placing a successful bet!


1. Look into the past

Looking into most of the matches, you’ll observe a pattern formation

          From where you can predict things. For instance, you can see a  

          Batsman performing well, underperform against a change in  

          bowler. Similar things are observed in a test match when a player

          Performs poorly after a lunch session. In recent years, a trend of

          Sides’ winning chase has emerged. To understand the pattern,

          Here’s a free cricket betting prediction, be sure to look

          into ratings, rankings, statistics, and more. While it is good to

          Have a look at the available players in a team, looking at the recent

          Performances increase your chance of getting a return. Looking at the

          Player pattern, whether he performs against the upcoming rival team,

          Be it batsman or a bowler.


2. Analyzing the match conditions

Whoever the player is, in the team you are betting on, more than half of the game’s result depends on the external variables. It includes the pitch, the weather, the time of the match (whether it’s a one-day international), and boundary sizes up to an extent (especially in T20 internationals).

Now, assuming a team has good seam bowlers and playing on a grassy track, the team has got a tactical advantage. Imagine a tortoise and a rabbit race organized in a water body; the result would be almost visible.

The side that knows the conditions and adapts in need wins. That’s why home advantage is prevalent in cricket or other sports on the world stage. Every free cricket betting tips prediction states that to Observe every variable before a crucial match which can considerably improve your odds of winning the bet and the tie.


3. Waiting for the toss

Toss can play a crucial factor in Test matches and ODI games. Remember the legendary Sourav Ganguly calling it right on the coin toss and calling it wrong in deciding whether to bat or bowl, resulting in India losing in the 2003 world cup final vs. Australia?

India had been playing well in the entire tournament, then came Australia, and when you are playing a fierce team in a pressure game, you should think twice. He should have gone for the batting decision instead.

But now, in recent years, things are different. Chasing has become the team’s strength with better facilities. With the target on the board, teams are now winning more often. Especially in sub-continent and home conditions, with the dew always around the corner, it becomes a complex task for the bowlers to defend small totals.

This condition gets reversed in the oldest format. In Test cricket, the team that bats last often loses the game; that is how the game is structured to be. Batting becomes increasingly harsh in the last two days of the match, and even chasing a reachable target will be a big task.


4. Compare the game-changing players of both teams

It is crucial to have a look into the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses on any day you play. The same goes for prediction and betting. Picking a winner is crucial in the forecast. If you believe this key player will show up and win you the bet for the side, it is vital to check on his counterpart’s strength in the opposition group.

For instance, let’s assume Johnny Bairstow is on the crease and has this weakness against inswingers. Look if Bhuveneshwar Kumar or Mohammed Shami is playing today.

Bairstow is pretty vulnerable with the new ball. You have to bet if he stays put with the shiny ball in the match’s beginning. Similarly, if you have more left-handed batsmen in your team, you have to look at the number of off-spinners in the rival team to analyze the match result.


5. Simulate the game in your head

        Simulating the game in your head may seem an absurd idea to think

           About. Afterall an accurate simulation undertakes a lot of variables and factors

           While doing it. Simulation has not to be totally accurate, but a careful analysis

         Of all the factors that may give you an edge. Let’s assume that India will play

         Bangladesh in the upcoming match, and their key batsman is injured. The

          injury will dampen Bangladesh’s batting lineup. A weak top order will

         Give India an edge in the opening hour, and due to lack of middle-order

          strength, Bangladesh’s Squad would crumble.

          A simulation can tether all the factors discussed above into virtual imagery of

          The match, if done right, can spew great results.



The betting market is forecasted to grow at an unprecedented rate. The popularity of cricket is also expected to grow in the younger audience. With popularity comes opportunity. An opportunity in the sports world comes in the form of betting.

The expert suggested free cricket betting tips predictions focus on careful analysis of all the variables associated with the in-play and off-play match, then simulating in the head as to be more accurate as possible in your betting.

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