Top 3 AppStore Apps to Improve the Quality of Life

It’s known that health is, first of all, movement, absence of prolonged stress, good sleep and a balanced diet. But it’s one thing to know, and another thing to put into practice. To help yourself, you can download an assistant that will track your regimen and tell you what, when, and how to do it. Here are the best apps for taking care of yourself.


Meditation has taken over the world as fast as yoga and hipsters, and today its as popular as betting via this bookie in Canada. It seems that literally everyone from a coworker in the office to Jennifer Aniston, in numerous interviews, is meditating about the benefits of the practice. 

Buddo has training courses on the most current topics, including Stress, Relationships, Happiness, and Self-Esteem. Within each are several levels of 10 lessons. The Theory section contains important and helpful articles from which you can learn how to maintain mental health and learn how to meditate properly to do an emotional detox. You can set up daily mentions of meditation – before bedtime, for example. Regularity will help you develop a healthy habit, gradually you will get control of emotions and stress, and at the same time you will get a deeper sleep.


The app is a fairly easy-to-use fasting tracker. In it, you can compare body weight and fasting time, track your own parameters, create a long fasting regimen (up to 50 days), synchronize data in the cloud, and even print it out if necessary. Zero Calories users effectively lose about 10% of their total body weight by using fasting plans, of which there are more than 10 in the app. Each one is tailored to achieve the best results for beginners and experienced fasters alike.

With Zero Calories you can:

  • Engage in “social” intermittent fasting by joining other groups of participants, communicating with them, and sharing successes.
  • Track fasting time.
  • Track weight loss and body water.
  • Create individualized fasting programs.
  • Set fasting milestone notifications.
  • Use a body mass index tracker.
  • Monitor your glucose, ketones, and insulin levels so you can fast safely.
  • Measure and chart your waist, hip, and chest size to show you progress.

Besides the obvious benefits like losing extra weight, Zero Calories will teach you how to monitor your body’s metabolic processes and use growth hormone, insulin and testosterone for the most effective and healthy weight loss.

Fasting helps you burn fat and consume less fat from food, which benefits your metabolism. This, in turn, can significantly ease the cardiovascular system, improve well-being and overall body tone.


Water Balance is an app designed to solve this problem. With its help you will be able to calculate your water rate, keep records and learn a lot of useful tips and tricks about water balance.

The app looks cool. The main screen is a list of all the fluids you can pour into yourself. At the top is a scale. The more full it is, the more water you have drunk and contributed. The list of liquids includes coffee, water, tea, alcohol, and more. If something is missing, you can create your own drink.

Adding a drink is easy. You just need to tap on the desired icon and gesture up or down to adjust its amount. This is made very nicely.

Did you know that alcohol does not increase the water balance, but, on the contrary, decreases it? If not, take note of it. A small amount of alcohol drains quite a lot of water from the body. And the app doesn’t forget to remind you of that.

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