How to Use Promo Codes to Get the Best Deals on Resort Accommodations

The term “promo code” may seem elusive for travelers, but discounts exist. Here are some tips for obtaining them.

All-inclusive resorts offer a simplified vacation experience with a single upfront payment covering food, drinks, and select activities. But the best deals aren’t always available. Here are some tips for getting a good value for this accommodation type.

Book Direct

If you are in the travel industry, you may only know that hotel chains offer coupon codes for their properties. These private codes can yield more savings than the rates offered to the general public. Using promo code on hotels in your destination could save up to 50% or more on your stay.

You’ll also avoid paying additional fees by booking directly with the resort. Many online booking sites require that you pay extra for things like concierge services, spa treatments, and other amenities. The best way to avoid these fees is to book your vacation rental direct on the property’s website.

It’s essential to ensure you use a valid promo code for the hotel you’re booking with. If you’re not, your discount will be canceled, and you won’t get the desired deal. To ensure your promo code is valid, look for a green checkmark beside the text box where you enter your explorer deals code.

Resorts and hotels want their guests to book directly with them, which helps drive repeat business and builds a relationship between the hotel and the guest. To encourage this, hotels often provide benefits like free wifi, breakfast, and lounge access to those who book direct. By cutting out the middleman, the hotel can better communicate with its guests and resolve any issues that might come up.

Look for a Vacation Package

Buying everything separately can be expensive, but all-inclusive resorts sometimes offer discounts on rooms and meals. Moreover, vacation packages often include extras, like airport transfers and rental car insurance, that isn’t always available when booking hotel rooms alone. Look for these deals by checking websites specializing in vacations, including all-inclusive options.

The website also allows you to add on airport transfers, trip insurance, and other optional services during the booking process.

Check Group Rates

When booking a hotel for your group, don’t forget to ask about resort accommodations. These rates can be significantly lower than standard rooms and often include perks like breakfast and spa access. It is a great way to keep everyone happy without spending extra money.

Many hotels also offer corporate codes for groups that can save you even more than their regular discount rates. However, these codes can be confusing since they aren’t publicized straightforwardly and can vary widely between brands, regions, and room types. Plus, they can fluctuate over time and be more challenging to use at certain times of the year than others.

If you’re booking online, the best way to find a promo code for your destination is to check the explorer deals page. These offers are destinations that the site is trying to promote, and they typically include discounts of up to 10%. Click on the desired destination (like Hong Kong in the screenshot below), and you’ll see a box where you can enter your promo code.

You can also find a promo code for your next trip by clicking the “search properties” button and selecting the destination that you want to travel to. You’ll then be able to view competing quotes from hotels bidding to win your business.

Look for Special Offers

The trickiest way to save on a resort hotel is to take advantage of special offers. These can be room upgrades or amenities like welcome gifts or late checkout. These are usually offered for specific dates or seasons, so it is essential to be flexible in your travel plans to get these deals. If you have the time and willingness to snag a deal with one of these offers, it can be a great way to save on a resort vacation!

Some hotels will offer additional room discounts if you mention that it’s your birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, or another special occasion. It is often used to entice you to book with them and can result in significant savings on your trip!

Another way to snag some good resort deals is to look for hotel deals. They will sometimes send out promo codes via email to entice people to use them. You can sign up for the Hotwire newsletter here. Then you can lurk on the site for a few days and use the promo code when you book. It can be a gamble, but it has been known to work! 

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