We bet on a late goal in football: what is it and how to do it

Many well-known betting companies provide the opportunity to bet on a late goal in a football match in Betwinner. There is no such rate directly, there are only a few tools for implementing an idea that can bring good earnings. What are these tools and how to orient them to win, we will understand below.

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Bet on late goals: what is it 

What is a late goal? This is a change in the result of the outcome after 70 minutes of a football battle. According to statistics, a quarter of all outcomes change at the end of the game – 15-20 minutes before it ends. In addition, there are usually fewer balls in the first half than in the second: 44% versus 56%. The indicator is conditional and strongly depends on the playing teams and the type of competition. 

In order for a bet on a late goal to be profitable, it is necessary to take into account many factors. The general statistics for the season, the motivation of the competitors, the game line-up, the venue of the meeting – all this matters. The dynamics of the game is also important: it may turn out that the teams play cautiously, and a draw suits them in principle. Under these conditions, the probability of a goal is extremely small. 

Live Last Goal Betting: Why It’s a Good Strategy

Why Live Mode? Before the start of the battle, it is very difficult to judge how the fight will develop at the end of the second half. It is impossible to foresee such important aspects as removals, injuries, and substitutions that have a significant impact on a late goal. 

Why bet on a late goal? There are quite a few real situations where scoring a goal against an opponent in the end is a very motivating goal. Here are the main ones: 

  • One of the participants is inferior to the opponent and the result of the meeting is not in her interests. A team that needs a goal throws all its strength into scoring it, and the opponent seeks to slow down the pace of a risky game.
  • The losing team will soon have an important match. In this competition, the players will save their strength, and the opponent can recoup on this.
  • At the end of the event, fresh scorers come out from the losing team to increase the pressure on the opponent’s goal. 

How to bet on a late goal in live mode 

During the match, bookmakerscan offer various options for betting on a late goal: total over 0.5 goals from 76 to 90 minutes, a bet on the team that will score last, bets on a specific player who will complete the result of the match with his goal. The odds for a late goal are very large: 1.9 and higher. 

Questions and answers

Total over/under?

The most popular type of late goal bet. Bettors are offered a choice of over or under 0.5/1.5 goals. At 70-75 minutes, the odds for total over 0.5 and total under 0.5 equalize, after which the first market starts to grow. But there are exceptions: when the number of goals is already 3-4, the coefficient can grow slowly. 

Individual total of one of the teams?

Let’s say one of the teams loses. It is quite expected that this participant will start pressing and will attack more. You can bet an individual total and not worry whether the opponent will score or not. Or, say, the outcome at 70 minutes is a draw and, in principle, suits both teams, the hosts will still attack to please their native fans. 

Team to score next goal?

The goal may not be the last, for your bet it matters that one goal was scored, and its author was a player of the team you prefer. Let’s say the favorite loses at home – the next goal in the performance of his players in a daring game is more than likely. 

Listed above are the markets that experienced bettors most often use to place a bet on a late goal. No one forbids making such a bet with lesser-known tools: 

  • How will the next ball be scored? The bookmaker can offer various options: from kicking and heading to own goals and penalties.
  • Which player will score the last ball? The forecast is good because it brings tangible profits, but the risk of losing is also high.
  • interval rate. The bookmaker offers to predict in what time interval the last goal will be scored.
  • Race to a certain number of goals. The betting company offers to bet on a specific number of goals scored in a match. The beauty is that if there are more of them, your bet will still make a profit.

The exact number of goals scored. It is necessary to guess exactly the specific number of goals that will be scored by both or one of the teams, and not the line, as in the total. 

How to make money betting on late goals?

Choose the right game for live betting on a late goal and use the obvious tool – total over/under 0.5. The correct game means that in games involving a certain team there should be an abundance of goals, and the football club itself, according to statistics, should score most often in the last minutes. 

If it seems to you that the competitors at the end of the match will score at least one more time, use the bet total over 0.5. If the game is such that no goals are expected, then feel free to bet on the total less than 0.5. The odds here are lower compared to other markets, but the risk of losing is much lower

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